About Us

Ekofarm Organik Tarım San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. was established in 2006 on a 18000 m2 area located in Yüreğir city of Adana province to produce organic fertilizers. As a result of unconscious use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides for a long years of time, agricultural production lands are polluted and this starts to threat environmental health. In our country which is in the process to be a EU member, in the areas where organic or conventional agricultural production is done, to give back the soils their structural order which is battered from varius reasons and to help producers obtain higher quality and higher yielding crops is the main objective of this corporation. It is targeted to be helpful for agricultural production of the country by benefiting the organic agriculture investing and corporate credit opportunities supplied by the government to new investors.

The situation of high quality and yield and connectedly costumer pleasure obtained as a result of use of these fertilizers which is produced via high technology, has brought together the demand increase. To be able to meet the increasing demands, our corporation enlarged the capacity and now activities are to be continued on 80 000 m2 area and distributors in seven different areas along the country.

Our company, which is improving the products and production quality by R&D studies and combining experience coming from the past and technology of the future, aim to convey service in larger scales for the producers with composit and organomineral fertilizers that is one of newage fertilizers.